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[#9] Pottermore profile badges

I know a lot of people like displaying their preferred house crest on their profiles on LJ, Tumblr, Dreamwidth and the like, so I thought I'd whip up these. I know the house scarves are very popular, but I found for me personally that the crest worked better for some layouts, so I thought I would share these.

You've got them in two sizes, 80 x 80 px which you can see on my profile here, and there's also a 50 x 50 px alternative if you prefer something smaller.

Size one

Size two

★ No hotlinking
★ If you'd like an alternative size then feel free to ask
★ If there's any problem with the coding then let me know, I've checked but there's always a chance I messed something up.
★ Commenting is nice but not necessary.

The images don't belong to me, they come from Pottermore, but I've included a link back to this entry in the coding so people can find where these come from if they want one for their own profile. Please don't remove this link!

How to use:
"Select all" from the box you want. Copy and paste the coding into an HTML-friendly editing field (profile page, userinfo, or Tumblr "info" section etc). Save your changes and check for any errors. Enjoy!
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